Dr Robert Cywes - Obesity & Diabetes: Towards Resolution

Presentation overview:

Dr Robert Cywes is a Paediatric Surgeon specialising in treating children with obesity. In this lecture, he provides a detailed explanation of diabetes and obesity, taking us from causation to resolution.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how Insulin Production Capacity (IPC) determines obesity OR diabetes: CIMOD
  • Become familiar with the concepts of Weight Management versus Obesity Management: Carbophilia - Are carbohydrates food or drugs? Obesity as a lifestyle
  • Understanding obesity from a mental health perspective
  • Calories and lipophobia: eating to fullness versus satiety
  • Treating carbohydrate addiction:
  1. Staged approach versus Harm Reduction
  2. Early and Prolonged Satiety for SUSTAINABILITY
  3. Building an Effective Emotion Management System

Presentation summary:

Dr Cywes helps us to understand the primary determinant of a person developing obesity or diabetes based on their insulin production capacity. Obesity and diabetes are the same disease with the same root cause. He explains how there is a genetic predisposition as to which disease a person will develop, however neither obesity nor diabetes is genetic.

He goes on to explain the behavioural component of obesity and diabetes. He provides an understanding of chronic excessive carbohydrate consumption and its role in insulin resistance, and demonstrates how an overconsumption of carbohydrates and a deficiency of dietary fat and cholesterol leads to various diseases, such as inflammation, cancer, brain development function and memory.

He discusses in detail how carbohydrates can be considered as being both a food and a drug and explains why today it is considered a neuroactive neurotoxic drug, stimulating the endorphins centres of the brain, similar to alcohol.

We get an understanding of how carbs defy the sense of fullness and satiety, and the difference between weight management and obesity management, and why weight management alone is unsustainable

Dr Cywes highlights the absolute necessity in finding ways to manage emotional tension.

He attributes the root cause of normal children developing mental health disease to a comprehensive deficiency of effective emotion management systems.

He highlights how we have become more productive but use carbohydrates and sugars to manage emotional tension, by way of addiction. He then goes on to provide a detailed explanation of how to treat obesity through behavioural transformation.

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