Type 1 Diabetes - Dr Neville Wellington

Presentation overview:

Dr Neville Wellington is a General Practitioner and diabetologist in Cape Town with a passion for treating patients with diabetes. He is also a director on the Nutrition Network board. In this lecture, Dr Wellington presents the research on low carbohydrate diets (LCD) in type 1 diabetes (T1D).

 Learning objectives:

  • Know the main problem encountered in T1D
  • Become familiar with the scientific literature investigating LCD and T1D
  • Understand what benefits may result from the adoption of LCD in T1D 
  • Be aware of the concerns and potential risks about using an LCHF diet in T1D

Presentation summary:

Dr Wellington explains that poor glycaemic control and blood glucose variability are the major problems experienced in T1D, increasing associated health risks. He takes us through the various types of research looking at T1D and LCD: Case reports, clinical trials, review articles, as well as his personal experience with T1D patients. All study-types indicate improved blood glucose variability and less hypoglycaemia on an LCD. Other benefits are discussed, as well as potential risks and concerns. Notably, an LCD is the only diet that has been able to reverse T1D. Wellington ends by revealing his experiences as a clinician treating T1D, emphasising the importance of a healthcare team and individualised approach, with regular or continuous blood glucose monitoring. He says that the benefits of an LCD diet in T1D outweigh the risks.

Downloadable resources:

  1. Presentation
  2. References