Obesity & Diet - Professor Tim Noakes

Presentation overview:

Prof Noakes is a renowned South African A1-rated scientist, author and emeritus professor. In this lecture, Prof Noakes introduces the issues of diet and obesity from his personal observation of the science and his experiences over the past 10 years.

Learning objectives:

  • Know how the global obesity pandemic began
  • Understand the two main models of obesity
  • Know which dietary components are likely to blame for the obesity pandemic
  • Understand the pivotal role that addictive food plays in obesity
  • Understand the dietary and associated biological and physiological evolution of humans
  • Grasp the degree of weight loss that could be expected with a LCHF diet
  • Understand that curing hunger, cures obesity 

Presentation summary:

Prof Noakes begins by explaining that the global obesity/diabetes pandemic began in 1980, three years after the publication of the US Dietary Goals for Americans. This was associated with an increased consumption of carbohydrates and “vegetable” oils, and high rates of sugar/HFCS consumption. He goes on to show that the modern “industrial” diet is specifically engineered to be “addictive” on the basis of the “bliss point” effect, and implicates BigFood.

Prof Noakes discusses the evolution of humans and which dietary components changed our biology and physiology and made us human.

Prof Noakes shows that much greater degrees of weight loss are reported by patients on LCHF diets than are ever reported in clinical trials. This may be because clinical trials do not include behaviour management of sugar/carbohydrate addiction as a crucial element. Obesity is a problem of hunger. The only people who will reverse obesity and diabetes will be the people who eat foods that satiate them. That is what cures obesity

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