Dr David Unwin: Lets Talk About Hypertension

Dr David Unwin, MD, is an award-winning general practitioner known for pioneering the low-carb approach in the UK. Through the years, Dr Unwin has been highly recognized for his work within his field. He is a clinical expert in Diabetes at Fellowship of the UK Royal College of General Practitioners where he was elected as a Fellow back in 2008. Additionally, Dr Unwin is the medical advisor at the popular Low Carb Program and is doing his best to spread knowledge about low carb among doctors, dietitians, and nurses.

In the presentation Dr Unwin discusses:

  • The starch molecule
  • The causes of high blood pressure
  • The physiology of the link between obesity and hypertension
  • How giving up sugar and starchy carbs improves diabetes control
  • The link between insulin, sodium and blood pressure

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