Dr Robert Cywes: Changing Therapeutic Strategy - Managing Metabolic Disease Using Addiction Methodology

Dr Robert Cywes M.D specializes in Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery for adults and adolescents in West Palm Beach, Florida. He has been doing bariatric surgery for 18 years performing over 8000 surgeries.

In his presentation, Dr Cywes teaches clinicians how to change their management/therapeutic approach so that they are better able to understand where their patients are coming from, and what they need to do to help themselves to change and sustain the change. 

In this presentation, he discusses:

  • The root cause of metabolic disease
  • How the brain functions 
  • Emotion management systems
  • Definition of addiction
  • Evolutionary scarcity vs. modern abundance
  • The causes of chronic excessive carb consumption
  • Diet vs addiction therapy
  • Treating carb addiction

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